This page collects all documents and public reports developed during the project.

Project Newsletters

FAIR Stations Newsletter n.2
FAIR Stations Newsletter n.1

Press Releases

FAIR Stations: the new Shift2Rail project on design of Future Secure and Accessible Rail Stations

Final Conference Presentation

FAIR Stations Final Conference Presentation

Dissemination Materials

FAIR Stations leaflet
FAIR Stations banner
FAIR Stations poster

Public Deliverables

WP1 Project Management

D1.1 Project and Data Management Plans

WP2 User Needs & Expectations and Human Factors

D2.1 User needs and expectations of the General Public and PRMs

WP3 Benchmarking of Station Designs and Accessibility

D3.2 Design Factors for Future Railway Stations

WP7 Dissemination

D7.1 Dissemination, Communication and Preliminary Exploitation Plan