FAIR Stations at the UITP Design and Culture Working Group Meeting

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Our consortium members Daria Kuzmina (UITP) and Takeru Shibayama (TUW) presented the FAIR Stations’ project concept and the current activities to the participants of the 17th UITP Design and Culture working group meeting on March 1st and 2nd in Vienna, hosted by Wiener Linen.

It was a chance to collect feedback on some key aspects for the FAIR Stations project, such as user needs, station design, past research, etc. from the experts in the field with decades of experiences. From the discussion, we could get very useful information and insights, particularly the challenges and problems about retrofitting existing stations to new types of user needs.

Questions put to those in attendance included wide-ranging subjects from the role of stations as transport or commercial urban hubs, to parking solutions for new mobility options like bike and car sharing.

The discussion also touched upon information signage within station design, how to improve congestion within busy stations and where to start when retrofitting existing stations to suit modern models.

Insights included Shalini Sahoo’s presentation on maintaining the human touch within public transport with the station as a natural focal point. On the second day, Marlene Grüssinger shared Wiener Linen’s plans for the new metro lines being developed in the city. The session on “Station and Architecture” segued from Vienna’s latest station designs into Ricardo Di Marco’s contribution on what art and design bring to Montreal’s innovative stations.

The event was very helpful not only to enrich the FAIR Stations project by bringing members’ experiences and best practices together, but also to identify stakeholders and get them involved in the interviews and surveys about passenger requirements and expectations.