Observational Trips in Madrid

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During the first two weeks of February, as part of the project activity focused on research on needs, preferences and expectations of Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRMs), 14 observational trips took place in Madrid, whose aim was to test in a real environment all the difficulties of People with Reduced Mobility. Conducted by ILUNION Tecnologia y Accesibilidad, together with Metro de Madrid, and supervised by University of Newcastle and Vienna University of Technology, in this research activity, participants carried out a trip using three different kinds of railway transportation: Metro (underground), Cercanías (Commuting train) and Light Rail.

In order to complete the trip, participants moved around 8 different stations: RENFE Atocha, Cercanías Atocha Station, Nuevos Ministerios Cercanías Station, Nuevos Ministerios Metro Station, Mar de Cristal Metro Station, Pinar de Chamartin Metro Station, Pinar de Chamartin Light Rail Station and Fuente de la Mora Light Rail Station.

With focus on the insights extracted from the previous focus groups on PRMs this activity allowed researchers to gain a wider scope to determine and, therefore postulate, the link between PRM-specific human factors and their interaction with the train.