Focus Group Discussion in Madrid

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In order to gather insights on the needs, preferences and expectations of Persons with Reduced Mobility when using Railway Stations, from 22th of January to 1st of February, ILUNION Tecnología y Accesibilidad conducted in its headquarters in Madrid an overall of 8 Focus group discussions regarding 7 different categories of Persons with Reduced Mobility, with 54 participants in total. The established categories selection to analyse were based on the European Commission decision of 21 December 2007 concerning the technical specification of interoperability relating to ‘persons with reduced mobility’ in the trans-European conventional and high-speed rail system, and they were:

  • Physical impaired (Wheelchair users, people with ambulant difficulties and people of small stature);
  • Elderly people;
  • Circumstantial/temporary difficulties (People with children, people with heavy or bulky luggage, pregnant women);
  • Visually impaired (Blind and low vision people);
  • Hearing impaired (Deaf people and hard of hearing);
  • Communication impaired 1 (Foreign people, speech impairments);
  • Communication impaired 2 (Users with intellectual disabilities, tutor/trainer);
  • People with psychosocial disability.

These focus groups brought to light a catalogue of insights, whose objective is to be developed into engineering specifications based on the needs and preferences of this group of people.